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Facebook EmailToday there is a new facebook feature called "The New Messages" "Texts, chat and email together in one simple conversation", which will make facebook users have personal email and will make facebook users more easy to view and manage facebook messages.

And an email address that we can use on facebook, is exactly same with your facebook public username .

For example, if your facebook public username is, then the email address you will get is

This facebook email can you get, when you are upgrading to new messages page, and maybe before that, you must already have a facebook public username as mentioned above.

My new facebook message page, also recently activated this morning, and facebook offer me, to claim ownership facebook email with my username.

Here the feature of The New Messages in facebook.
1. All your messages together
Get Facebook messages, chats and texts all in the same place.
- Include email by activating your optional Facebook email address
- Control who can send you messages through your privacy settings

2.Full conversation history
See everything you've ever discussed with each friend as a single conversation.
- No need for subject lines or other formalities
- Easily leave large conversations that no longer interest you.

3.The messages you want
Focus on messages from your friends.
- Messages from unknown senders and bulk email go into the Other folder
- Spam is hidden from view automatically
Here the screenshot, when I activated new facebook message page :

So, what you waiting for, go to facebook and claim your facebook email :D.
If the notification popup doesn't appear in your page try to visit this page Good luck !


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