The Types of Movie Image Quality

Below are some terms of quality movies that often arise when we play or download a movie.

Bluray / HD
BluRay / HD: The resolution is much greater that 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (depending on file). Consequently, the files become too large and play hard, requiring high computer specifications as well. if not it will be broken. The quality is much better than DVDrip.

m-HD: mini / micro HD: almost the same as HD, but with a smaller resolution that is 1280x5xx, so the file size was also smaller than the HD.

BRRip: Ripper of BluRay. The quality is much better than DVDrip but it requires a higher hardware specification as well. If the computer hardware (VGA etc.) are not sufficient, then the movie will look broken.

DVDRip: namely a copy of the DVD Original. The quality of picture and sound excellent. DVDRip will exist if the original DVD has been on the market. Can support a maximum of 720x480 or 720x576. Well this is usually a lot of downloaded.

TC (Telecine)
TC (Telecine): the method of copying digital movies directly from tape. Sound and picture quality is very good. But because the equipment needed to record the telecine is very rare and have become scarce.

DVDScr: that is dupiklat from promo DVD that will be used as a promotion. DVDScr will exist before the DVD originally came out in the market. The quality of picture and sound is almost equivalent to the DVDRip, only the video image often there is some writing that was on-screen explanation of the DVDs, which are generally a little disturbing us.

R5: for this type, image quality is almost equivalent to the DVDRip, but for the sound quality is usually somewhat ugly (shrill), although there are some that sound quality is good, but still there is little noise, thereby reducing the comfort in watching the film.

CAM: the quality of this type is the result of recording a digital camera, directly in the cinema so that sometimes the audience who participated recorded passing. The recording quality is usually using a mini tripod, so often there is little shock. Video quality is very bad. but is deliberately like that so that more felt the impression realnya

TS (Telesync)
TS (Telesync): the quality is almost same as the type of CAM. But the picture and sound quality slightly better than TS because TS is a CAM CAM that have been relabelled.

Workprint: unedited film visual effects overall. Usually there is a missing scene, a voice that does not irregular. The quality of this film varies from best to worst


VCD: usually used for lower quality transfers (CAM / TS / TC / Screener (VHS) / TVRip (analog) to create a smaller file size.

PPV: Pay Per View, so pay each time a movie to watch, sort of cable TV, well this is RIP so the quality is almost like VCDRip

Usually the order of discharge of a movie on the internet is as follows, though not always:
CAM -> TS -> R5 / DVDScr -> DVDRip -> BRRip


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